About Sponsored Efforts

In addition to running our local Chapters, our organization is helping as many organizations (and sometimes one-off personal causes) as possible.

These efforts are funded in one of the following ways:

– Support directly from a Board Member or someone within their Network

– Organization Based Fund-Generation Efforts (independent of Fundraisers), e.g. Web-based Ads Revenue

– Advertisement for Causes through Anonymous Donors

How are Sponsored Efforts different from Chapter-Efforts?

  • The goal of the Chapters is to ask external-folks to directly donate to the Chapter or its registered charity. The funds are only used for those local efforts.
  • However, in the case of Sponsored-Efforts, the funds are never a part of the fundraising campaigns that we are running within our Chapters.
  • The goal of the Sponsored Efforts is mainly to showcase the work that is happening in other organizations, that our sponsors are supporting

Who can be a Sponsor and What does it entail?

  • All Board Members who want to publish their personal donations (for the sake of advertising the work done by the organizations they support), are automatically a Sponsor.
  • Similarly, some folks within our network of friends and family, want to help out in this hard time, and do not want to publicize their names. We however, ask them to let us publish the efforts that we support through their funds. This way, we are able to showcase the work that our organization is indirectly facilitating and it also helps showcase the organizations that they are supporting.
  • An external person can choose to be a Sponsor, if they want to support our causes, and yet donate to organizations that they choose to. In a sense, this can be seen as an Advertisement Platform. We provide the avenue to advertise the work done through external organizations, and at the same time, it helps us to publicize our organizations brand to others.

    To be affiliated with our programs, please directly email us at admin@thereforyu.com

Do the Sponsors Donate to There-For-You?

– We always encourage Sponsors to directly donate to the organization that they support, and hence they can keep the complete tax-benefit.

– However, sometimes our family or friends, reach out to us and want to donate some anonymous amounts and we try to distribute that money within the Local Chapters and Sponsored Efforts, on an as-needed basis.

I have donated to one of your Chapters, is there a possible conflict,
where you may have used the funds to sponsor a cause, for which I was not given a tax-receipt?

  • No, that should never be the case.
  • We are very explicit in cases where we are collecting funds directly, and are willing to discuss this with you at any time.
    • Since 3/4, we have stopped taking any funds directly for the Seattle Running Fundraiser.
    • Prior to that, we gave a full track record to our donors, on where the money was sent. Please email us directly, if you need any help.
    • Going forward, we are always encouraging folks to donate to a Registered charity, except in cases below:
  • Currently, we are only running 2 non-Registered FundRaisers, where money comes to There-For-You directly:
    • Pakistan Fundraiser: As we start getting funds there, we will be updating testimonials and showing you exactly where the money is going.
    • Seattle One-Off-Fundraisers: These are scenarios, where we have already made a direct payment to a person (not an organization) for a cause, and are keeping the avenues open for anyone who wants to chip in the cause. Again, all money that comes to us in these cases, is only offsetting original costs and we can walk you through receipts etc., if needed.

How do you choose which programs to Sponsor?

We are constantly on the watch for charitable programs, that are happening within our locality or our communities, that serves the mission of Combatting the Economic Side-Effects of Covid.

Wherever we are able to help out, we are trying to help out.

We want There-For-You to support our causes, how can we do that?

Please reach out to admin@thereforyu.com and we will be happy to help you, if possible in that time.

Are you able to provide personal help to someone in need in this time?

Our goal is to help as many folks as possible in this time, but of course we are limited by the resources that we have. Please note that any one-off personal help that we provide to someone is always through personal-funds from someone within our org, but we like to advertise it as “There-For-You”, so that folks get to learn about our organization’s overall efforts and that in turns creates a cycle of advertisement for the orgs and avenues that we are supporting.

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