Fundraising – Q &A

Where is my money going?
We are helping folks who are heavily impacted financially in this hard-time.

Within our work, community and family networks, we are on a constant lookout for all folks who are affected.

All donations are part of a General-Fund and as folks are approaching us, we are catering to them from this pool. (Please see the Zakah question below, as that money is being kept separate)

For all donations over $200, we can let you know the exact details about where we have allocated the money if you are interested. However, to maintain the confidentiality of our clients, we will only be revealing their direct names and businesses, when they approve of it. Otherwise, we will share generic details on the type of business, community, location etc.

There is a lot of funding from the Govt., so what is the need for such programs?
> We have introduced a committee to understand where is the govt. funding going. But we are consistently seeing scenarios where the Govt. funding is not enough.

For instance, a one-time payment of $1200 to low-income families is not sufficient for a 3-6-12 month crisis.

We will be introducing a page to document exactly the scenarios that are not being covered by the Govt.

How Much Are you Collecting?
We are collecting as much as we can, we also want to keep a running fundraiser, as more people are approaching us consistently. Hence, we do not want to set a direct upper-limit. We are pushing ourselves to a bigger goal, to help as many people as we can in this time.

Can I choose whom to help?
For folks donating over $500, we can let you choose where to donate if you would like.

How are you finding folks to help?
At this time we are only directly reaching out to our personal networks.

  • We are advertising our efforts broadly within community Distribution Lists, family and friends networks, co-workers and other personal and communal channels.
  • We already work with a few Refugee families, who have contacted us for support


  • We plan to advertise our non-profit on Media and news channels.
  • We are also asking you to share our page and refer anyone that you may know of personally, who may need help.

How do you validate that the folks approaching you are genuine?
Please see the Our Distribution Model page for how we are validating that the people we are helping are genuine.

Are you doing GoFundMe/Facebook Fundraising?
We have been looking at publishing this as a Facebook or Gofundme fundraiser, however, all such efforts require paying some service fees. We would like to use all this money to go directly to those who are impacted, instead of towards extra taxes and fees.

Why should I go through this organization and not pay people directly?
We are certainly not stopping anyone from helping individually or directly.

However, we feel that the need in this time is huge and ultimately most of us will not be able to scale, to help every single person individually, that we would like. By pooling our resources together, we can help many more people.

Are you only supporting a specific ethnic/religious community?
No, all our support is 100% inclusive and does not discriminate in any form of race, religion, creed etc.

Most of us have house-helpers, personal trainers, hairdressers etc. who need our help in this time. We are trying to help anyone and everyone in this time, that we can.

Can I pay Zakah (Muslim-obligatory charity) for this cause?
Yes, we are certainly helping Muslim underprivileged families and will ensure that your zakah money goes there.

Also, if you are of the opinion that Zakat can be given to Non-Muslims (which is a view that some Muslims hold), then you do not have to even specify to us that the money has to go to a Muslim.

Are my donations Tax-Exempt?
Yes, going forward from 4/3, all our donations (above $25) are going to be tax-exempt. We have updated our Fundraising link to only direct money directly to SCM for all causes, where you will be issued a tax receipt, and will be eligible for corporate matching.

In which countries are you helping out?
Please check our Chapters page to see where we are serving right now. If you want to start this in your area, please contact us at

What are your Admin Fees?
– All our technical and chapter-leads are running a Probono/Volunteer service. They are not being paid any part of these donations.
– In a different model, we are also working on recruiting our recipients to actually work with us to do external research and manual site-maintenance, where applicable. This ensures that your donations are directly paying them, instead of having to pay extra admin-cost salaries to anyone.
– We currently have no other Admin-costs. When we do, we will certainly discuss it with our donors in the future and update our terms here. For instance, in the future, we may need some hired help to do document and identity validation of folks, when we get more General Public exposure.

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