The following are the testimonials from individuals and businesses that we have supported at this time. Please note, we are only publishing client-names, with their permissions. This is not a requirement to receive support from our organization.

Natalya Yegorova, Indigo Beauty Studio, Bellevue WA, USA
I’m a single mom with a 4 year-old daughter. I also have a disabled mom. I lost my business on March 15th 2020, due to Covid and have no unemployment insurance.
As a hairstylist, my studio was shut down unexpectedly and that was my only source of income . I am now struggling with money shortage and cannot buy food, pay mortgage or other bills.

I really appreciate all of the care and financial support from “ThereForYou Organization”. It has really helped a lot! With the money that I received, I can go to the store and buy some grocery and cleaning supplies to stock up for a couple of weeks.

Thank you very much Irum for your help and support for me and others like me.

Good bless all of you❤️?? ?With love Natalya ( hairstylist)
Anonymous, Sammamish, WA
We are a family of 6 (Husband/wife and 4 children). We are struggling family and needed financial help for living expenses ASAP. The ‘There-For-You’ was so generous to help!

In times like these we are so grateful to have kind hearted people like them. We highly recommend!

Anonymous, Redmond, WA
We are a large family. We are going through some really hard times of physical and financial health. We have not been able to pay our rent for March. Thanks Irum for helping us through this organization.

Anonymous, Uber Driver, Seattle, WA
I’m an Uber driver and under the pandemic health that we are experiencing these days, my job is highly affected. No money at all.
I have a big family so it’s very difficult to take care of it under the current circumstances.
It’s a very expensive state to live in so the rent and the utilities are so expensive and even other supplies.
If this situation last longer than a month many families will be under the risk of being homeless.
So solidarity and cooperation are required now between people so they can overcome this critical issue peacefully.
Thanks a lot for everyone who supports the community and the families in need.
Anonymous, Lynnwood, WA
I have known Irum ever since we moved to Seattle. When she asked me about my wellbeing in this time, I was heartbroken. I mentioned to her that my husband, who was working part-time in a restaurant and Uber has lost his job. We have 4 kids. We have pending Rent and Utility Bills. In addition, we would use any extra money for food. We are grateful to our generous anonymous donor for supporting us in this time.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. As a small business Owner in covid-19 we hear a lot of promise for support from government. Sadly it’s not tru, it’s impossible to fill for unemployment there site not working for self employe or any checks support.
    I really appreciate help and financial support from “ThereForYou Organization”for months of April. I can by some grocery for my family.
    Thank you very much ! Good bless all of you.

  2. I know someone in Pakistan who needs help with the medical check up and medicines, I didn’t know who to approach. Then one of my friend told me about this organization. I contacted them and it was easy to reach and connect. They helped that person immediately and I must say the work this organization is doing is tremendous. Their efforts making a big difference in someone’s life, especially in this time.

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