Our Distribution Model

The major concern during this time is for us to ensure that the funds go to actual needy people, and there is no abuse of donations.

We are employing the following models to ensure that the recipients of our funds are genuine.

Pure-Referential Model:

To start out we are heavily relying on this model to distribute funds to those who really need it. In this mechanism, we are only supporting those clients and businesses where:

  • One of our Team-Members directly knows the person or the business
  • We are referred to the person through a trusted member of our network. For instance, referred to by a trusted Community member, a co-worker, another family member etc.

This way, we are ensuring that we are closing doors to abuse of our funds and validating that the money is going to reliable needy people.

Identity Validation From General Public:

At this time, this is our less-preferred way of supporting our cause. However, as we expand our services to the general public, we will be deploying the following guidelines for validating their needs, in addition to any new verification methodologies.

When someone outside of our network approaches us, we are requiring the following documentations to validate their need in this time:

  • Submission of 2 Identity Documents (e.g. Driver’s license, Passport, etc.)
  • 2 paystubs prior to layoffs for laid off employees
  • A letter from their employer to show that their jobs were compromised in this time.
  • For business owners:
  • A proof of their business
  • A letter explaining their need in this time, which must be signed by at least one external party
  • We will be further doing Phone-identity validation and a video chat to understand their needs in this time.