Seattle Continuous Fundraiser – Partnered with SCM

We are doing a Continuous Online fundraiser at this time to help as many people, who are impacted in this economy.


Covid-19 is affecting our society in many diverse ways. As much as it is taking a toll on the direct-victims, many people are being affected indirectly in multiple-ways.

  • Layoffs are at the heart of the pandemic
  • People are cutting most personal services, such as hired-help, going to spas etc.
  • Restaurants and cafes are seeing a free-fall in their customer counts
  • Not every person has the luxury to work from home
  • Not all businesses can claim Unemployment Benefits
  • Not every person has health insurance …


Please do not forget to read our Recipient Testimonials to see whom we have helped so far.


We have now partnered with SCM to receive all donations. This ensures that all your donations are now tax-deductible and qualify for your corporate matching.

Our Paypal SCM Link:
Donate Here

Scan this QR Code on your phone camera and it will directly take you to our PayPaal page

Alternatively, please go to the SCM Site directly and pay under: “There For You”:

If you have any questions, please email us at

How Much Are you Collecting:

We are collecting as much as we can, we also want to keep a running fundraiser as different people are approaching us consistently. Hence, we do not want to set an upper-limit.

Where is my Money Going, How are you using the money, Can I decide where my money goes, etc. Please see all your questions answered here.

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