Seattle One-Time Fundraiser

Last Updated: 4/17/2020, 3:54pm PST

Fundraiser Update:

> When I created the Fundraiser last night, I was only getting donations for the 30 families, that I have given money to Tiane for (see image at the bottom of page).

> However, after reading about her efforts and stories, and since I have started getting donations, I have expanded this Fundraiser to be for 250 families.

> In the Donation’s Tab (below), you can either donate to this one-time $3000 effort, we have done (I will not be able to give you a tax-receipt here)

> Or, you can donate to SCM (and the money will go to the other 200 families for Grocery cards, or same families for more cards).

Please do not forget to read her efforts here, and you can also connect with her directly for any questions, concerns or additional help you may want to provide. Just email us and I will get you in touch.

You may also want to check out our: “Continuous Fundraiser In Collaboration with SCM”

Important Links:

Please read about Tiane’s efforts here
Scenarios Tiane Is Supporting

Who is the Food Going to:

Scenarios Tiane Is Supporting


Just imagine, if someone told you that the lockdown will last 2 years and that meat or dairy products will be limited. What will be your first response?

Probably, you will run to a store or place an online order and stock up your fridges and freezers. That is what most of us have already done and are continuing to do.

But that just shows how lucky you are in this hard-time. At least you are economically strong to survive and stock up.

Now, all we are asking you to do is extend your circle of influence. If you can buy groceries worth 4-5-6-700$, in one go, can you not spare $10 for those who cannot even afford 1-week’s groceries?


  • Tax Receipt Compliant:
    We have mentioned above, that we will continue to support as many families with the grocery cards, so if you want to help them, please follow links below for Tax-Receipt specific steps. Do not forget to mention “Grocery Cards” in your comments in Paypal.
  • (Non-Tax Receipt Based):
    As of today, we have issued a check of $3000 (+90$ venmo fees) to some volunteers, that includes Tiane Reid and her group, to distribute Grocery cards for $100 to 30-such families.

    Please also see the receipt of this donation below. We wanted to issue them these funds, so the distribution can start right away.

    – For this amount we are not issuing tax-receipts
    – As you can see on the Venmo payment, it is made to an individual and not an org, and no one is getting a tax benefit here.

Donation Payments:

You can send us a payment in one of these ways.

1) If you want to donate to future contributions of Grocery Cards, please issue a donation to SCM here. Please add “Grocery Cards”, when checking out, so we know.

Donate Here

Scan this QR Code on your phone camera and it will directly take you to our PayPaal page

Alternatively, please go to the SCM Site directly and pay under: “There For You”:

2) If you want to contribute to our original donation of $3090, you can send money directly to me. I will not be able to issue you a tax receipt for this one.

Venmo Link: Click on the link.

Payment For Non-Taxable Amount of $3000 + ($90 Fees):

Raised so far: $55