Personal Virtual Assistant


A Personal Virtual Assistant will help you with your goals and tasks in the time of Covid-19. Some ways in which they can assist are as follows:

+ Help you motivate and watch you do your exercises

+ Guide you and motivate you to do house chores, such as cooking, cleaning etc.

+ Watch your kids virtually while you are doing some errands

+ Provide social companionship for elderly or anyone else

+ Teach you about a new culture

Donation Contribution: Link

+ We are aiming for $20/hr, with 95% of money going towards helping the Service-Provider with Bill-or-Rent-Pay (or a Grocery/Other GiftCard). 5% of the proceeds may be used for admin-costs to run our site and host services, or also given to the Service-Provider.

How to Hire:

Please send an email to [email protected], if you want to hire a personal assistant from below.

Available Personal Assistants

1. Shireen:

Will work with Female clients
Flexible Schedules available.
Speciality: Help with Exercising, Social Companionship

2. Basma:

Will work with Female clients
Times: Saturday 12-4 pm
Speciality: Social companion.

3. Arianna Hill:

No Preference on clients.
Availability :
Monday 2pm-6pm Tuesday 9am-6pm Wednesday 2pm-6pm Thursday 9am-6pm Friday 2pm-6pm Saturday 2pm-6pm Sunday – Not Available

Has child-care experience and is willing to come to your place to help out, if she can bring her child along.