Language Offerings

Covid-19 has given us a unique opportunity to do a lot of stuff virtually. Learning a new language is one of those amazing opportunities both for adults and kids. As part of one of our programs we are offering language lessons below. Please note that all contributions below will be directly dedicated to the rent and other bills of the tutor’s family. This way you can directly benefit from your donation, while at the same time learning a new language.

Following are the language lessons that are offered through our organization. Please contact for questions or signing up.

Arabic Offerings

1. Offering by Noor:

Accent: Arabic-Syrian accent
Audience: Women or children
Times Available: Twice a week- Monday, Wednesday
Max Group Size: 10 or less
Suggested Donation Contribution: Single $25/hr, Group lessons ($15 per person/hr for adults and $25 for children)
Previous Experience: I helped with teaching children and a group of teenagers and adults
How to Sign up: Contact directly
Payment: We will ask you to directly pay our partner charity site, where you will be issued a tax receipt for all your classes. The money will be used to directly pay rent and bills of the family.


I, Irum, have been trying to learn Arabic with Noor since last year. She customizes the lessons to my needs. I feel that we have a great asset in our communities, with rich language skills. We should take advantage of this resource as much as we can.

2. Offering by Shama:

  • Can teach Arabic, Egyptian and Fus-ha.
  • Also teaches Quran, she has memorized third of the Quran Alhamdullilah.
  • Prefers women and/or children.
  • Can do Monday, Friday. 7-8pm
  • Prefers once/2x a week
  • Up to 10 folks will be fine.
  • $10-$15 per hour per person. (You can employ her directly or through our Program)
  • She has been teaching and Quran to her kids. Alhamdullilah both of them can read from the Holy Book. Also, she has a curriculum to teach the Arabic language grammar. She is also planning to teach the simple tafsir/ explanation about the Quranic verses

3. Learn Quran with Sr. Mastoora:

Sr. Mastoora can teach the Holy Quran. She is also available through our Programs or directly