In Pakistan, 25% of it’s population lives below the poverty line.

The COVID-19 impacts these people more significantly because they earn their wages daily and the lockdown in the country has caused their income to drop to zero.

In an effort to ease their suffering, we will be collecting donations to support them throughout the lockdown and beyond.

Here are some of the groups of people that we have identified
1. Maids and Servants
2. Rickshaw drivers
3. Electricians and plumbers


While we are working on setting up efforts on the ground to receive tax-exempt donations in Pakistan, we are currently only collecting non-tax exempt donations.

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Donation Links:

From USA:
From within USA, you can donate in one of these ways, and we will send the money to our team in Pakistan directly.

Please mention donations are for Pakistan, when you donate through these links:
Venmo Link: Venmo user Irum Godil, or QR Scan below.