Our Model and FAQ

One of our primary focus as a Non-Profit is to help people economically, especially in the Covid time. On this end, we are starting to move away from giving them direct help, and instead working on creating avenues for employment, where we can essentially buy their skills.

How Our Program Works:

Although, we will continue to provide food, material and other rental assistance, as needed, our major focus will be on building the economic eco-system.

We will essentially be using the Donation and any Grant funds, to pay salaries (in form of rent and other essential needs), to our program members, who will be the direct beneficiaries of our Non-Profit.

On this end, we are planning to deploy various literary classes and services that can be rendered online. Our program beneficiaries will be paid for conducting these classes or providing the services.

Kind of Programs:

More details on our programs can be found on our Programs page.

Who can participate in the Programs?

Depending on the type of the program, the goal is to enlist a minimum number of folks, who are actually interested in the specific areas. In addition, people can use 1-1 services for Virtual Assistance in many forms. For instance, anyone can choose to get a Virtual Personal Assistant for many purposes, for example to motivate them to work out or guide them to cook or clean their place.

How will these programs be funded?

Our main goal is to fund our programs through Donations, with a subsidized cost to consumer (that will also be a form of charity donation).

We are working on our 501-C status currently and till then we are asking all consumers of the services to directly pay to our Partner Charity. This would still be a tax-deductible donation from your end, as the money will be used to pay rent and utilities for the providers of the services

Why would anyone use these Programs?

The end goal of our Non-Profit is to employ the skills of folks who are struggling in this economy. Most of these folks have some highly specialized services and skillsets to offer. Depending on the type of the Programs, we are hoping to bring their services to the main-stream folks at a very reduced or no-cost to the consumer.

Why not directly charge consumers a fee for the programs?

Since we are a Non-Profit, our goal is to help and serve. We are not in the business of selling products to people. Instead, we are using the non-profit donations to help the folks who are directly impacted in this hard-economy.

Please note that the “Friends Cooking for Friends” and “Day-Care/Nanny” is a Classified section of our website, which is just like an advertisement board. Those services are not directly rendered through our org.

How do our Donors decide where to contribute the money?

Currently, you will pay for the direct service, with the name of the person who is helping you on the Paypal page here. Since the money will help the person directly for their bills, you will be issued a tax-receipt.

Why should I not directly hire a person for a skill instead of going through your org?

We actually encourage that you hire folks directly, if you need them for any services, be it to learn a language, skill or any form of virtual assistance. This is the best use-case of our model, as it connects people to host employers directly.

However, not everyone is always willing to hire someone full or part-time. Also, not everyone is able to pay for services that they want. For instance, sometimes folks want to learn a skill or language, but they themselves may not have enough funds.

In this case, we are providing the platform to offer the services to a broad spectrum of folks, without charging them substantial fees.

How can I go about receiving direct services from a person?

If you want to hire one of the folks on our list, we request that please let us know. That way, we are aware that they are getting paid from you and we can add other folks in their place to be paid on our end.

I would like to help without being part of any programs, how can I do so?

We are definitely interested in gathering money which will help us with the costs of our programs and can also help us subsidize the cost of our offerings to the consumers, thereby attracting more consumers. You can make a donation here directly, and at the same time email [email protected] so we can track the donation. You will be receiving a tax-donation receipt.


Please contact us at [email protected]