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Dear All,

For those of you who have been volunteering for us or donating to us, you have seen that we have started our Non-Profit efforts in the aftermath of Covid-19.

We have been working to provide food, rental assistance and daily supplies, in partnership with MCRC and SCM.

In addition, we have also been co-ordinating house-hold items drive and navigating efforts on setting up Language and Cooking classes from various recipients of our funds, so that we could directly provide employment.

Recently, we have filed our application for IRS-Registration. Although, we will continue to coordinate our food and rental assistance programs with MCRC and SCM, we want to ensure that any extra-assistance on these efforts, that we do can also be tax-exempt. In addition, all other efforts that we are not coordinating with others will be tax-exemptable as well.

Here is the basic outline of the programs that we want to offer:

  • Start employment programs for folks through setting up virtual lessons in many literary-categories, such as Language programs, cooking classes from different cultures, art-classes etc. In addition, provide friendly-social support for personal fitness or any other goals.
  • Provide for as many household need items (medicines, diapers, shampoos, detergents etc.) to all families in need in the Puget Sound area
  • Provide any extra food or rental assistance, that we are not able to cover through our partner-charities
  • Media Publication in forms of blogs, articles and other channels to uplift the community

Positions Available:

We are interested in hiring for these positions below. If you or someone you know (preferably someone who is heavily impacted in the pandemic financially), please let us know.

Currently, our salary packages are only going to be hourly/as-need basis (and ideally voluntary only). But we would like to keep candidates on the list as we continue to grow our efforts.

  • Web Master: Someone who can work with WordPress and build our content
  • Treasurer: Someone with a strong Excel background, who can track all incoming and outgoing expenses
  • Content Editor: We are constantly publishing items both for our non-Profit and other efforts for the community. Someone with strong English skills is needed to regularly edit and update our content.
  • Relations Coordinator: We need 4-5 folks here to manage our clients i.e. the donation recepients

Program Directors:

We will also be recruiting volunteers (minimally paid initially at least), for helping us set up and coordinate programs for our main agenda item above.

For all the programs below: We plan to fund them through donations, that will serve as a direct salary to the charity recipients.

Languages Program-Director:
They will own and run the various language classes that we would like to host. Our current emphasis is on English and Arabic. We will consider adding other languages as there is more interest.

Literary-Arts Director:
They will drive online lessons for learning arts and crafts from many different cultures.

Cooking Lessons:
We plan to host various cooking shows to showcase cuisines from many different cultures. The main goal is to help our recepients as they teach us how to cook their cuisines.

Freelance Virtual Social Support Program:
In this program, we will work directly with our donation recipients to recruit them as a Free-lance companionship provider. This service will be available to those who would like to get a companion for working out, a buddy just to chat (when their own families and friends are away) and other scenarios as we think of.

Although the charity will be based currently out of Seattle, WA, I do not see any issues if someone is out of state, but within USA for at least 6-months of the calendar year.

We are all tied up in many different ways. The purpose of this effort is to do all that we are currently doing in a way that even our small efforts are tax-exempt and we can maximize on the help that we provide. However, we plan to start small and do not plan to spend any more than 1-2 hours on this effort every day or so, even in the leadership roles.

If you are interested in any of these programs or services, please directly contact me here or at


Irum Godil.