You can read about our 501-C3 Status Filing here.

In the meanwhile, following are the donation options:

Taxable Donations:
For all taxable donations, you can pay to our partner charity SCM. We have a dedicated link with them here.

  • Pretty much all programs except for our food and accessories drives are tax-deductible
  • If you are paying for a specific program or a person, please put their name specifically in the Donation message window.
  • You can always also donate to our link above, without enrolling in a specific program. We will be using the funds for Rental/Bills or other similar purposes

Non-Taxable Funds:

  • The food drives and personal/home accessory drives are currently not taxable.
  • Also, for any program or cause, if you do not care about a tax receipt, you can pay it to us directly.
  • Currently, all our admin fees (supporting website, 501-c3 status, Compliance fees etc.) are paid by our staff. None of our staff members are paid currently. If you would like to contribute to any of our fees for running the services, you can also make a non-taxable donation at this time.

Where to Donate: (Non-Tax Receipt Option)

Venmo: <coming soon>