Friends Cooking for You Options:

Disclaimer: This is a Classified Page on our site, and you can interact with the chefs below directly. You do not have to go through our organization for setting your orders or getting these services.

Many people in our community are serving home-cooked meals from varying cuisines, Middle-Eastern, Afghani etc.

  • Please support their efforts for your daily meals or any other events that you are organizing
  • Please note, a few of them are licensed and most are not licensed catered professionals, and hence we cannot advertise them all as Professional caterers. We want you to consider their services as if a friend is cooking for you
  • Please note that our organization owes no responsibility for any food-issues, allergies or concerns that may arise from this. You should only get food after you are satisfied fully. The food-maker or our organization has no liability.
  • Also, note that members of our team personally know some of these families and have ordered food from them.

Middle-Eastern Food

Afghani Food:

Name: Khalida Karimi
Contact: 425-221-7664
Location: Kent