About Us

Pakistan Chapter:

Mohsin Kalam:

Mohsin is leading the Karachi Chapter in Pakistan. He is concerned about the economic impact that COVID-19 is having on people already living the poverty line and has joined this effort to help ease their suffering by collecting donations and distributing to the needy.

India Chapter:

Aravind Bharathy:
Aravind is the Lead for the India Chapter. He lives in Hyderabad and is concerned about the scarcity of resources and money for the less fortunate among us. He has joined this effort to help provide more visibility to the people in need at this tough time of social disruption.

Seattle Chapter:

Irum Godil
Irum is leading the Seattle Chapter. As we are facing the unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, Irum feels the strong need of eliminating all its potential economic side-effects, wherever possible. She is also the founder of this non-profit within North-America.

Rameez Kazi:
Rameez is leading the team of Research-Experts for Seattle, WA. He is directly working with our Research-Experts to guide their work. He is ensuring that we are covering and documenting, the State-efforts and benefits, that are available to those who are economically impacted in this time.

Yousif Alasfar
Yousif is the Research-Expert for the Seattle Chapter.

He is identifying all the resources that are currently available to the community and why our Non-Profit efforts are necessary in this time. He is working on identifying UnEmployment Insurance Benefits, Rental Eviction policies and Grants available to Small Businesses in this time.

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